Doctors with Africa CUAMM

Via San Francesco, 126
35121 Padua


Andrea Atzori
Tel.: (+39)3492341375

Unternehmen / Organisation

Gründungsjahr: 1950
Gründer: Francesco Canova
Inhaber: Eight-member Board of Directors. Its president is the Bishop of Padua Mons. Claudio Cipolla.
Umsatz: 42.498.009€ in 2021
Management: Mons. Dr. Dante Carraro
Beschäftigte: 4.518 in 2021

International Non-Profit Organization (INGO)


Doctors with Africa CUAMM (CUAMM) is an international NGO working to strengthen health systems in sub-Saharan Africa to protect and improve the well-being and health of vulnerable communities with a long-term development perspective. CUAMM operates in eight countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, namely Angola, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone and South Sudan, in close partnership with the ministries of health and local health authorities. CUAMM’s main focus areas are maternal and child health, adolescent health, nutrition, communicable and non-communicable diseases and universal health coverage.

Founded in 1950, the organization has 70 years of experience in planning and implementing health cooperation projects, providing quality health services along the continuum of care, from communities to health facilities to hospitals, and guaranteeing referral among these levels of care. The organization has a strong track record on healthcare projects from the demand side (e.g. community, referral system, antenatal care) to delivery of services (e.g. improving quality in health centers and hospitals). Furthermore, CUAMM has experience providing services in urban, suburban and rural areas, in more stable and fragile settings, in long-term perspectives and emergencies. CUAMM was involved in the emergency response to several epidemics (e.g. Marburg, Ebola, Measles, Cholera, Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers) as well as environmental emergencies (e.g. Cyclone Idai in Mozambique and drought emergency in Angola).

The organization has long experience in training local health professionals, from doctors and nurses to midwives, lab technicians and community health workers, ensuring the creation of local capacity for stronger and sustainable health systems. Alongside projects’ implementation, CUAMM also conducts operational research in partnership with national and international research institutes, with 193 Published research articles from 2013 to 2022.


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