Anaesthesia Workstation Atlan A350/A350 XL

Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

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Operating Theatre-Equipment

The Dräger Atlan A350 and 350 XL are anaesthesia workstations equipped with a high-precision piston ventilator that needs no driving gas to operate. Its ventilation modes and features support lung protective ventilation strategies, which can help to reduce postoperative pulmonary complications. Equipped with an assistance tool, the econometer, Atlan assists the clinician to set optimum fresh gas flows and administer the safe and convenient application of minimal- and low-flow anaesthesia, thus saving anaesthetic agent costs.

Atlan has a unique design with a lot of smart details. Cable channels ensure a tidy and easy-to-clean working environment and smooth, rounded surfaces make for easy and frequent cleaning and disinfection, which contribute to your hospital’s hygiene standards and patient safety. For increased practicality, we have added plenty of storage space for necessary equipment and medications. With a wide range of possible configurations that include patient monitors and IT solutions, you can customise almost every OR in your hospital. To save your OR space, we offer Atlan workstations as a trolley, ceiling or wall version. As your trusted Acute Care Specialist, we also offer remote services for quick and thorough device analysis to further increase machine uptimes.

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