Bionic Hybrid Simulator

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Ambulance-Emergencies, Educational-Training-Equipment-Service Solutions, Patient Monitoring Systems

The Bionic Hybrid Simulator™ from Cardionics is a wearable simulation system for Standardized Patients which offers instructors a realistic and accurate solution for scenario simulations. Most importantly, student engagement grows as they build confidence in their clinical skills.

The benefits of Standardized Patient Simulation with the Bionic Hybrid Simulator™:

  • Capable of recreating unlimited simulated medical scenarios to supplement any curriculum
  • Create and save custom scenarios
  • Wearable technology which can be put both on Standardized Patients as well as on patient simulators for added realism
  • Allows students to perform a physical assessment, while retaining the human-to-human interaction necessary for realistic, engaging education
  • Enhances the exam performance by responding in real time to diagnosis and treatment

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