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maxium® | The new “high-end reference system” in multifunctional HF surgery

This HF unit offers you more than 40 precisely regulated types of current for a great variety of applications in any medical field. The maxium® represents an innovative symbiosis of highly advanced HF technology and a whole range of user-friendly advantages. In particular, it is extremely fast and easy to operate.

Control takes just a turn

The multifunctional rotary switch enables you to set and adjust any HF parameter at any time with a quick movement of the hand.

The patented background lighting keeps you constantly informed on the current status of the rotary pushbutton: yellow = cutting, blue = coagulation, white = menu, OFF = inactive.

Functionality and efficiency

The maxium® impresses with a well-thought-out overall concept: the maxi-display lets you immediately recognize all of the settings made; all parameters are clearly structured and just as clearly allocated to their working channels. As regards programming and program management, more than 99 memory locations are available for user-defined settings (customized programs) that make the maxium® a highly versatile, indispensable companion in HF surgery

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