Meliseptol® HBV tissues – Wipe disinfection of surfaces (alcoholic)

B. Braun SE

Product Keywords

Disinfection-Sterilization-Cleaning, Wards-Beds-Devices-Furniture


  • Wipe disinfection for small alcohol-resistant surface areas in doctors´and dentists´consulting rooms and in hospitals
  • Saturated with fast-acting Meliseptol® rapid disinfectant
  • Active against bacteria, mycobacteria (M. terrae), fungi and viruses (HBV/HIV/HCV, rota, adeno, vaccinia, papova, noro and polio)
  • Active ingredients: 50 g propan- 1-ol, 0.075 g didecylmethylammoniumchloride per 100 g solution (Meliseptol® rapid)
  • 100 wipes per dispenser, 100 wipes refill pack
  • Refillable


  • Active in 1 minute
  • Broad application spectrum
  • The environmentally friendly refill pack is made of flexible material that allows rapid removal and immediate placement of wipes in the dispenser

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