Saneo4SPORT – the future of electrostimulation

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The Saneo4SPORT is a highly functional electrostimulation device for almost all muscle groups and supports every sport. However, it offers more than that. Comparable with the performance of stationary EMS systems, the Saneo4SPORT lets you do your workout in any place at any time.

With more than 50 programs from the areas TENS and EMS, the Saneo4SPORT is a true allrounder. Programs for strength, endurance and movement training are combined in the handy and compact unit. Due to a variety of rehabilitation programs the Saneo4SPORT can additionally help you to relieve pain, relax and recover. Thus, the Saneo4SPORT is ideal for maintaining and regenerating the muscle status even in the training-free time.

Change your smartphone into the control unit. The latest technology and a stable and secure Bluetooth connection ensure perfect communication between the Bodypack and your smartphone. Keep everything at a glance with the training diary, activate only those programs that are relevant to you and manage your entries.


  • more than 50 programs from the areas strength, endurance and movement training,
  • wireless controlling – simple & intuitive operation via app over your smartphone (connection via Bluetooth LE)
  • 4 channels in 2 channel groups controllable independently of each other, simultaneous use of different programs
  • wireless charging station by Qi standard
  • certified medical device

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