Fetal Heart Rate Monitor Simulator CTGi

3B Scientific GmbH

Product Keywords

Ambulance-Emergencies, Educational-Training-Equipment-Service Solutions, Patient Monitoring Systems

CTGi is an economical, highly advanced and realistic fetal heart rate monitor simulation package. The lightness and simplicity, using just two tablets, makes the CTGi ideal for in-situ training.

Features of the CTGi Fetal Heart Rate Simulator by iSimulate:

  • Realistic function & detail – CTGi allows you to create realistic traces with exceptional detail. Manage maternal vitals, easily add decelerations, accelerations as well as contractions.
  • Versatile – CTGi can be used in many different teaching modalities.
  • Capability – Turn a low fidelity situation into high fidelity simulation. Name, save and replay scenarios and traces for teaching

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