E-Learning Course: Managing Health Facilities

This self-study e-learning course is targeted at medical staff (academic and non-academic) in transition and developing countries who deal with management related matters. The five modules provide basic knowledge on management topics ranging from general management subjects, human resources management, and quality in healthcare to financial management in health facilities and systemic procurement. Practical templates and tools, expert contributions, as well as exercises and assessments are offered in all modules.

Modules can be worked through individually according to each learner’s needs and preferences. The course aims to facilitate day to day management related decisions. Each course module consists of four or five units. An indication of required learning time is given at the beginning of each module and each unit, however, learning time will depend on prior knowledge and the extent to which additional documents are used.

Module 1: The Challenges of Managing a Hospital

The first module aims to convey fundamental management principles and practices as well as to explain and illustrate what improved management can offer to healthcare organisations. This module also contains an introduction to change management. Required learning time is approximately 3 hours.

Module 2: Proficient Staff – Effective Teams

Human resources are a key factor in any healthcare organisation, particularly in low-resource settings. This module highlights the importance of staff supervision, leading teams, and team and staff motivation. For this module, the required learning time is approximately 3.5 hours.

Module 3: Quality and Safe Services

This module looks at the minimum requirements a healthcare organisation needs to fulfil for quality and how compliance can be achieved without spending an excessive amount of money. Required learning: about 2.5 hours.

Module 4: Financial Management

This module deals with the efficient use of scarce financial and material resources. It provides practical instruments and methods of financial planning and controlling. For this module, the required learning time is approximately 4 hours.

Module 5: More Systemic Procurement

This online course discusses the procurement of medical equipment, with a focus on projects funded by the German Financial Cooperation through KfW. Required learning time is approximately 3 hours.

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