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13th Arab-German Health Forum | 21.-22. September 2020

21. September 2020 - 22. September 2020

Update: Due to the GHA’s cooperation with the Ghorfa participation fees have been reduced for GHA members. If you are interested in participating in a panel of the 13th German-Arab Health Forum, please contact:

GHA supports the 13th Arab-German Health Forum of Ghorfa:

The entire health sector worldwide is currently facing major challenges due to the Covid-19-pandemic. Efficient and modern healthcare systems are essential to overcome such crises. Due to Germany’s highly innovative health industry, the country has been extremely efficient and successful in stopping the virus from spreading further, and is thus considered a role model in the fight against the disease.

In the Arab countries, there is an emphasis on the development of the health sector, leading to large investments in health infrastructure. A post Covid-19 strategy has to be shaped in the region to pave the way for a strong economy to move past the pandemic and economic crises. The main focus of the strategy is to be self-sufficient in the production of medicine and medical equipment.

Therefore, the knowledge transfer, experience and input of German companies and institutions is indeed welcomed, whether in the form of establishing factories or forming different strategic partnerships within the Arab countries.

Furthermore, E-health and telemedicine are two newly identified gap areas emerging due to the Covid-19 crisis. The apparent need to invest and devise these fields using the well-established German know-how clearly exists in the region.

This opens up promising fields of activity for German companies and institutions and offers the possibility of further cooperation with the Arab countries by taking advantage of German technology and expertise.

Fruitful collaborations are a strong foundation to tackle challenging situations like the current one together, thus shaping a safe and prosperous future.

To exchange information, discuss perspectives, and strengthen Arab-German cooperation in the healthcare sector, the Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with high-profile partners from Germany and the Arab world, is organising the 13th Arab-German Health Forum.

The event will be the major information and networking platform to establish and strengthen long-lasting Arab-German business relationships in the healthcare sector.

Renowned experts and decision-makers from business, politics and science will address the most pressing issues facing medicine and healthcare in the coming decade, as well as the challenges the pandemic has brought about and discuss how economic cooperation can overcome them.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 13th Arab-German Health Forum.

When registering, please indicate that you have been made aware of the event by the GHA – German Health Alliance.

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21. September 2020
22. September 2020




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