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UNITE Global Summit 2021 | December 6 – 8, 2021

6. Dezember 2021 - 8. Dezember 2021

The UNITE Global Summit is UNITE’s flagship annual event to promote political impact & momentum towards ending infectious diseases as a global health threat. This year’s event, the UNITE Global Summit 2021, aims to secure political leadership as a key determinant to a fairer and equitable global health ecosystem that promotes health & well-being for all. This year’s summit will take place 6th – 8th December


Why will the Summit be important?

By empowering political leaders, the Summit will draw key discussions and action on how, following COVID-the international architecture responds to current and future pandemics that affectand might affect the most vulnerable of our societies.

To implement more inclusive actions and solutions, the UNITE Global Summit serves as a platform for all relevant stakeholders to connect with elected members of parliament, congresses and senates who have the powers of:

  • Changing laws
  • Changing budgets
  • Influencing policies
  • And holding national governments & international organisations accountable

What will be the three central topics of the UNITE Global Summit 2021?  

This year the Summit will focus on three central topics:

  • Building Back Better our Communities
  • Science & Innovation: Hope for an Equitable Future
  • Rethinking Global Health & Multilateralism

To highlight different windows of opportunity in global health policy, the Summit will bring a whole-of-government approach by parliamentarians and elected officials with leaders from multilateral organizations, public-private partnerships, government development agencies, foundations, international NGOs, civil society, think tanks, academia and the private sector.

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6. Dezember 2021
8. Dezember 2021