BluCon Biotech GmbH

Nattermannallee 1
50829 Köln


Dr. Albrecht Läufer, Herr Manfred Fehr
Tel.: +49 221 933388-60

Das Unternehmen

Blucon Biotech GmbH provides a unique technology by which polymer-grade L-lactic acid can be produced at lowest possible production costs. This will enable the bioplastic PLA (poly lactic acid) to become commercially competetive to fossil fuel based plastics and convert millions of tons of non-degradable plastic waste into biodegredable, environmentally friendly products. Avoiding the us of sugars and therefore circumventing the competition with food supplies, BluCon’s unique technology uses cheap celluslosic or lignocellulosic residues of agricultural industries. This innovative fermentation process with thermophilic bacteria directly converts these raw materials into L-lactic acid in one-step thus converting waste to value.


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