Cytecs GmbH

Im Derdel 8
48161 Münster


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Göhde
Tel.: +49 2534 97736 0
Fax: +49 2534 97736 29

Das Unternehmen


The Cytecs team has a decade’s long experience in the development, production and implementation of affordable and secure diagnostics for infectious diseases in resource limited areas. Our product support medical staff in fighting against the major health scourges like malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS. We made the essential CD4 counting for HIV/AIDS patients under treatment accessible for all people in the world by fair prices of about € 2.00 per test. Cytecx maintenance free, LED-based fluorescence microscopes and freeze dried reagents for malaria and TB help to improve basic diagnostics in developing countries.

Cytects is also going to support a substantial need in woman health care. Our new HPV-test – first time shown on World Health Assembly 2019 in Geneva – individually detects all high risk types of Human Papilloma Viruses, which causes cervical cancer and kills 250.000 woman per year.


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