Field Intelligence Europe GmbH

Linienstraße 103
10115 Berlin


Michael Moreland
Tel.: +49 151 75881494

Das Unternehmen


Field Intelligence Europe GmbH is a technology company helping governments and businesses make good on the promise of healthcare in the fastest growing parts of the world. Our solutions make pharmaceutical supply chain simple, affordable, and effective – helping providers, from the largest health systems to the smallest community pharmacies, ensure access to quality care for their patients. Shelf Life, our pharmaceutical inventory finance and distribution service makes supply for hospitals and pharmacies a dependable, payas-you-sell utility, data-rich route-to-market for manufacturers, and platform for insurers to expand access. Field Supply, our pharmaceutical supply chain management softwareas-a-service currently drives the largest digital health supply chain in Africa, helping serve over $1.2B in health commodities annually


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