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International SOS & BCIU Co-Hosted Panel Session on the Margins of the World Health Summit | 16 Oct 2023

16. Oktober 2023 | 7:30 - 9:00 CEST

International SOS & BCIU Co-Hosted Panel Session on the Margins of the World Health Summit

7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. | 16 October 2023

This panel session takes place on the margins of the much anticipated World Health Summit in Berlin and will bring together the public and private sector to discuss priorities and responsibilities towards an actionable, inclusive, and comprehensive toolkit for action towards successful public-private engagement in global health.

Public-private sector engagement is essential in the global health context as it harnesses the strengths of various stakeholders to create more resilient, effective, and sustainable solutions to address health challenges on a global scale. Collaboration between governments, NGOs, and multinational corporations is a key strategy in global health initiatives and can allow for coordinated responses to health crises and emergencies worldwide. In the current context of poly-crises becoming the new normal, with climate change intensifying health risks and placing added pressure on communities, there is an urgent need for a fresh approach to engagement. There is a call for a new model that aims to leverage private sector expertise and resources to accelerate joint action and deliver impactful solutions on a larger scale.

Closer cooperation and adaptation of individual efforts and interventions from public and private sectors can enhance risk reduction measures. Successful public-private engagement has come in the form of community health programmes to reduce disease burden, capacity building through training and education programmes, augmenting government capability, supporting climate resiliency, addressing misinformation, expanding primary health care, and overall health systems strengthening. Through fostering mutual understanding and collaboration, transparent communication and shared goals will facilitate productive partnerships.

This is event is by invitation only. Enquiries may be directed to:



Sheraton Berlin Grand Hotel Esplanade,
Lützowufer 15, 10785 Berlin, Germany

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16. Oktober 2023
7:30 - 9:00 CEST