The GHA – German Health Alliance consists of more than 100 leading German actors virtually from all sectors: private sector and industry, NGOs, civil society and foundations, science and academia. The GHA – German Health Alliance thus is covering a very broad range of health expertise while sharing a strong international focus. More than ever, on top of the excellent solutions from single providers it nowadays requires complete solution packages of uncompromised quality which can be flexibly and modularly adapted to the widely varying specific needs and challenges. Quite unique with GHA – German Health Alliance is its focus and expertise on systemic approaches and strategies for improving health infrastructure. Innovation and partnerships are key drivers in the activities of GHA and its members. Therefore, GHA connects stakeholders from all sectors within its own network and far beyond including governments and international organizations. This specifically enables the GHA to building reliable and sustainable long-term partnerships at eye level for jointly strengthening health systems, with specific focuses on Global Health and excellent, highest quality medical technologies, solutions & services necessary to broadly enhance health infrastructure and access to healthcare services. All this makes the GHA – German Health Alliance your dedicated and highly suitable access point to German health expertise.


  • Healthcare Architects | Engineers | Constructors
  • Planning | Consulting Services
  • Financing Solutions
  • Turnkey Providers
  • General Equipment of Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Medical Technologies & Solutions
  • Diagnostics | Laboratory Equipment | Laboratory Analyses Services
  • Pharmaceuticals | Medication | Vaccines
  • Packaging | Logistics | Supply Chain Management
  • Health Insurances
  • International Cooperations in Health
  • Development Cooperation in the Health Sector
  • Hospital Operation | Hospital Management
  • Health System Strengthening
  • Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness
  • Digital Health | E-Health | Telemedicine
  • Technical Service | Support | Preventative Maintenance
  • Education | Training | E-Learning
  • Science & Research

The GHA – German Health Alliance is an initiative of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), therefore being closely and actively interconnected e.g. with the BDI Initiative Digital Health, the BDI Committee on Healthcare Industry, the BDI Committee on Foreign Trade and the BDI Working Group on Development Policy. Furthermore, the GHA is represented by its Chairman in the BDI Presidential Board as Permanent Guest.