GHA Representatives by appointment of GHA are employees of GHA member organizations. They are active on-site in countries and regions where they operate for their respective entity. GHA Representatives act as contact person for the GHA head office, the GHA members and the GHA partners. The network of GHA Representatives is continuously expanded.

As focal point of contact, GHA Representatives support the development of the healthcare sectors abroad, e.g. by staying in close touch and exchange with local and regional key stakeholders, by providing information on relevant matters and developments in the specific regions and by organizing, supporting or attending local meetings and conferences.

Dr. Farnaz Almasi
Bayer Persian AG

GHA Representative

Jad Ayoub
Bioscientia GmbH

GHA Representative
Middle East & North Africa

Evelyn Castle
eHealth Africa

GHA Representative
Nigeria & Sierra Leone

Markus Fehr
KTQ International

GHA Representative

Alexander Glänzel
Hoffrichter GmbH

GHA Representative
Southeast Asia

Carlos Jiménez
B. Braun Aesculap de México

GHA Representative

Petty Nwinitcha Tanghanwaye Nmo
B. Braun

GHA Representative
West & Central Africa

Gerard van Driel
Draegerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

GHA Representative
Southern Africa

Martin Wörlein
Rödl & Partner

GHA Representative