GHA Working Committees


An integral foundation of the joint activities, the content-related work and the exchange between the members of the GHA – German Health Alliance are the working committees that have been firmly established according to the needs and wishes of the members. These include, in particular, Working Groups (WG) and Expert Groups (EG): WG connect GHA members on cross-cutting issues as well as on focus regions and countries. EG bundle the expertise of GHA members on segments such as medical technology. The objectives and elements of the work areas of the respective working groups, whose meetings usually take place twice a year, include:

  • Exchange on current topics internally and with relevant actors and experts
  • Targeted presentation of the activities and contribution of GHA members
  • Elaboration of interfaces and potentials for the GHA members
  • Stimulation of concrete projects and cooperations
  • Development of position papers
  • Visits to and discussions with relevant institutions and organisations
  • Preparation and support for incoming and outgoing delegations
  • Close interaction and exchange with other GHA working committees
  • Jour fixe of the working group chairpersons with the Executive Board
  • Short report by the chairpersons of the working committees within the framework of GHA members’ meetings
  • Expansion of own information resources and communication channels
  • Sustainable and successful positioning of the GHA as a shaping actor