The GHA Working Group Africa is formed by the GHA – German Health Alliance together with the Ghorfa.

  • Exchange on current topics and with relevant actors and experts in the field of health in the MENA region
  • Presentation of GHA members’ activities and contributions in the field of health in the MENA region
  • Identifying the interfaces and potentials for GHA members
  • Formulating the interests and needs of GHA members in the field of health in the MENA region
  • Arab-German Health Forum: Content design and theme setting for the conference which is jointly organised annually by Ghorfa and GHA
  • Stimulation of concrete projects and cooperations in the field of health in the MENA region
  • Preparation and launch of position papers in the field of health in the MENA region
  • Sustainable and successful positioning of the GHA – German Health Alliance as a shaping actor

Medizinisch Technischer Dialog, MTD Issue: July 2023

Gute Karten für die deutsche Medtech-Branche

Article by Jad Ayoub, Co-Chair of the  Working Group – Mena & Managing Director, Bioscentia International

Source: MTD-Verlag GmbH, Amtzell

  • Two Working Group meetings a year, organised jointly with Ghorfa
  • Preparation, support and implementation of delegation visits (incoming & outgoing)
  • Close interaction with the GHA Expert Groups and other GHA Working Groups
  • Jour fixe of the Working Group Chair(s) with the GHA Board of Directors
  • Working Group Report from the chair(s) at the annual GHA general assembly
  • Establishment and use of a dedicated Africa E-mail distribution list for WG members via GHA website and newsletter function

Jad Ayoub

Managing Director
Bioscentia International

Dr. Claus Biermann

Chief Medical Advisor Healthcare Education
area9 Lyceum

GHA Office Berlin
T: +49 30 2028 1699