NuTRIflex® Lipid peri

B. Braun SE

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Ready to use 3-chamber bag system


Peripheral venous parenteral nutrition solution containing amino acids, glucose, MCT/LCT fat emulsion, and electrolytes in a three-chamber bag.

Peripheral parenteral nutrition

  • Supplementary nutrition
  • In combination with enteral nutrition
  • Specially designed for Low Glucose Nutrition (LGN) Therapy (peripheral and central venous)
  • Presentations: 1250, 1875, 2500 ml (may differ from country to country)


Easy and safe parenteral nutrition

  • Metabolic advantages through simultaneous administration of nutrients with one infusion pump
  • Compatibility and stability data offer safe limits for the addition of further required minerals, vitamins and trace elements
  • The only 3-chamber bag with Lipofundin® MCT/LCT
  • Reduces work load and total cost for TPN

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