Alegria 2

Sebia Labordiagnostische Systeme GmbH

Product Keywords

Laboratory-Equipment, Testing

Alegria 2 provides the complete automated solution from sample to result using ORGENTEC’s unique and comprehensive Alegria Monotest portfolio of more than 100 parameters.

ORGENTEC offers a comprehensive autoimmune panel, as well as markers for specific infectious diseases, gastroenterology and bone metabolism. The fully automated Alegria 2 device is the key to this wide range of test kits.

The Alegria system is characterized by the flexibility to perform any test from the ORGENTEC portfolio at any time. Tailor-made biomarker profiles can be analyzed on a patient-specific basis according to requirements – for optimal patient care.

Test portfolio:

Rheumatism diagnostics
Thrombosis diagnostics
ANCA and vasculitis diagnostics
Gastroenterology diagnostics
Thyroid diagnostics
Bone and mineral metabolism
Infection diagnostics

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