Askina® Foam

B. Braun SE

Product Keywords

Health Care-General Supplies, Therapy-Equipment-Instruments-Commodities

Askina® Foam is a two layered, non-adherent foam dressing
consisting of:

  • A soft hydrophilic polyurethane foam layer which is breathable and has a high absorption capacity
  • A thin, transparent and protective polyurethane film which is water impermeable and bacteria resistant


Management of moderate to heavily exuding, partial to full thickness
wounds: stage I-IV pressure ulcers, venous and arterial leg ulcers,
diabetic foot ulcers, first and second degree burns, traumatic wounds


  • Excellent fluid handling characteristics
  • Enhances a moist wound environment
  • Cost efficient: no need for frequent dressing changes
  • No adherence to the wound
  • Atraumatic, painless dressing changes
  • Visual control of exudate absorption

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