Barkey varitherm

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The varitherm offers the full freedom of thawing: your process design of thawing can be defined as you like. Thaw your products at temperatures up to +60°C. GMP conform.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Uses dry heat technology, meaning it is GMP and Clean Room compliant
  • Wide range of heating capabilities with you able to set the temperature anywhere between +30°C and +60°C
  • Paddle mimics the manual swirling process of waterbaths but provides consistency and replicability
  • Warm cell culture media or reach temperatures high enough for serum heat inactivation protocols
  • Even, consistent, temperature and time-controlled thawing to maintain serums’ growth-supporting characteristics
  • Clear lid for visual inspection of your product as it thaws
  • Even, consistent, temperature and time-controlled thawing ensures reproducibility and high cell viability

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