Contiplex® Needles and Catheter Sets

B. Braun SE

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Contiplex® D Cannula

  • Insulated needle like Stimuplex® D surrounded by short I.V. catheter
  • New, extended (50 cm) tubing for easier manipulation during injection
  • Needle available with 15° and 30° bevel

Contiplex® D Set

  • Contiplex® D cannula 15° or 30° bevel with radio-opaque capillary
  • Contiplex® catheter, transparent, made of polyamide with clear blue markings
  • Omnifix® lock syringe, 5 ml
  • Perifix® catheter connector, Perifix® filter, Perifix® PinPad
  • Contiplex® D G20 sets, in addition: indwelling stabilising wire in the catheter

Contiplex® S Set

  • Needle with 20° bevel; without short I.V. catheter
  • Allows both nerve stimulation and aspiration / injection
  • With sideport to ease insertion of catheter
  • Omnifix® lock syringe 5 ml

Contiplex® Tuohy Catheter Set

  • Fully insulated Tuohy type needle for Plexus Anesthesia
  • Tuohy curve for pointed catheter placement
  • New ergonomic hub for maximum tactile feeling
  • Pin point electrode for accurate stimulus-guided needle advancement
  • With sideport to ease aspiration or injection and simple insertion of the catheter
  • Omnifix® lock syringe 5 ml
  • Perifix® catheter connector, Perifix® filter, Perifix® PinPad
  • Label “Nerve Block”, green


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