FS 70 reduces virus levels in the indoor air

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An efficient and strategically located air purifier can greatly reduce the amount of pollutants in the air. Air quality has a positive effect on people’s health, productivity and job satisfaction. QleanAir FS 30 and FS 70 HEPA takes air quality to another level.

HEPA filtration

HEPA 14 is the filter class commonly used to filter out bacteria, viruses and other air pollutants in sensitive environments, such as operating rooms. HEPA 14 has a filtration efficiency of at least 99.995 % for the particles that are the most difficult to capture (0.1–0.2 μm). For larger as well as smaller particles, the filter has an even higher filtration efficiency.


QleanAir FS 30 & 70 HEPA are ultra quiet and suitable for all indoor environments where you want to protect people’s health and reduce the risk of airborne spread of infection, e.g. healthcare environments, waiting rooms, offices, schools, restaurants, hotels, public environments and staff areas. The best solution to use depends on the size and design of the premises, as well as the aim of air purification.

Performance over time

QleanAir uses mechanical filtration which does not add any substances to the air and ensures constant efficiency over time. The air cleaners are equipped with monitored airflow regulation*, which ensures function over time. The units are easy to install and manage. They are plugged into a standard electrical outlet and operate independent of the ventilation system. They can easily be moved in order to meet changing needs. Performance, installation, guarantee and service with filter changes by qualified technicians are included.

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