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Prevo-Check® is a blood-based rapid test for the early detection of HPV16-related cancers

Moving from cell to blood based HPV cancer screening Abviris offers a new patented generation of immune oncology diagnostics for the early detection of HPV-induced pre-cancerous lesions and tumours.

Prevo-Check® is used for the early detection of head, neck and anal cancers linked to HPV16.

It is a point-of-care test for professional use and only needs one drop of blood or serum. Prevo-Check® is run as a lateral flow rapid test, with a hands-on time of less than five minutes. Results are delivered within 20 minutes.

The strong performance (clinical specificity ≥ 99,3%, clinical sensitivity ≥ 90%) results from the use of HPV16-L1 epitope-specific antibodies. These antibodies are directed against a protein which is produced only by cells in which HPV16 has actively affected the cell division. This means that the antibody is only present if a sub clinical HPV16 infection has progressed to a cancer pre-stage or carcinoma.

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