Intrafix® SafeSet – The first IV administration set with AirStop and PrimeStop

B. Braun SE

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Thanks to AirStop – the sight of a container running empty is no longer cause for alarm and no reason for energy and time to be wasted rushing around because the patient gets upset. AirStop is an unique airtight filter membrane and acts as a barrier, protecting against air infusion while retaining particulate matter. When the container is empty, AirStop maintains a constant fluid level. No air can get through to the patient.

Thanks to PrimeStop – you can now prepare several infusions at once, quicker and more hygienic than ever before. Right away your hands are free to prepare next infusion. PrimeStop is a new protective cap lined with a hydrophobic membrane and stops fluid leaking and protects against contamination. PrimeStop ensures that the lines fills automatically and there are no more fluid drips on hands, floor or bedding.

User benefits
• Helps prevent air infusion and infusion-related infection
• Significantly reduces work load
• Saves time and costs

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