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• Wide range of Nutriflex® versions and volumes enables patient-adapted nutrition
• High flexibility in adding fat or in combination with
• Propofol Lipuro®

Product range
Nutriflex® peri
• Peripheral parenteral nutrition with the flexibility in adding fat
• Supplemented nutrition or in combination with enteral feeding
• For Low Glucose Nutrition (LGN) Therapy

Nutriflex® plus
• Parenteral nutrition in situations with moderately increased requirements
• For central venous access

Nutriflex® special
• Volume-restricted parenteral nutrition for ICU patients
• In situations with high nutritional requirements
• For central venous access

• Different balanced regimens for peripheral and central venous application
• Reliable source of protein and calories
• Covers electrolyte needs
• Easy and safe handling
• Flexibility to add fat easily to complete parenteral nutrition from one bag
• 24-month shelf life at room temperature
• Sales unit 5 per box

• Nutriflex® Transfer Set (Art. No. 212 9043)
• Light Protection Cover:
– Nutriflex® 1000 ml (Art. No. 212 9035)
– Nutriflex® 1500 ml, 2000 ml (Art. No. 211 2112)

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