Perifix® ONE Catheter – Comfort and capability at your finger tips

B. Braun SE

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Perifix® ONE catheter consists of a stiff polyamide core which is covered
by a soft polyurethane outer layer. The soft outer surface of the catheter
helps to avoid spontaneous paresthesia and confers comfort to the
patient. The stiff core material allows full control during advancement
and manipulation.

Main characteristics of the Perifix® ONE catheter:

  • Sandwich-like catheter of polyurethane (outer layer) and polyamide (inner layer) for improved softness but excellent handiness
  • Precisely formed atraumatic tip which is tapered at the distal 40 mm (1 3/8”) prevents accidental puncture of the Dura Mater
  • Three embedded x-ray lines for identification on x-ray images
  • Yellow color coding of catheter for unequivocal identification of the epidural line
  • Three pairs of microholes at the tip for even distribution of drug
  • Unique two layer epidural catheter with inner core of polyamide and outer layer of soft polyurethane
  • Optimized performance of Perifix® ONE catheter regarding smooth gliding inside the Tuohy needle and necessary stiffness for manipulation
  • Extreme easy gliding L.O.R. syringe for proper tactile feeling
  • Perifix® PinPad (optional) for increased patient comfort
  • Yellow coloring of set components (filter, catheter, catheter connector) to avoid confusion with infusion lines

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