PPH Trainer P97 PRO

3B Scientific GmbH

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The PPH simulator P97 PRO from 3B Scientific is the ideal solution to provide hands-on and realistic training sessions for early recognition, systematic evaluation and treatment of postpartum hemorrhage.
The PPH simulator focuses on the following three postpartum bleeding causes:

  • Uterine atony (Tonus)
  • Laceration and rupture (Trauma)
  • Retained tissue from the placenta (Tissue)

The PPH simulator P97 PRO has been developed with the following skills:

  • Diagnosis of uterine atony by abdominal examination. Accommodating your scenario settings, P97 PRO can simulate different levels of the uterine tone.
  • Practice of both fundal massage and bimanual compression
  • Suturing of vaginal tears. The rupture inserts are replaceable

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