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Image Guided Surgery/ Navigation Technology, Oncology, Research

New information technologies can help to provide surgeons in the operating room with important information and thus noticeably increase the chances of success of the operation. The “VIVATOP” (Versatile Immersive Virtual and Augmented Tangible OP) research project therefore develops applications using virtual reality and augmented reality 3D printing to effectively support both the planning and execution of surgery and education and training scenarios.

The project is coordinated at the TZI of the University of Bremen by the Digital Media Group and supported by the Department of Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics. The Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Medicine (MEVIS) produces the image data, while apoQlar GmbH is in charge of augmented reality and CIRP GmbH is responsible for 3D printing. SZENARIS is responsible for training and education and the University Hospital Oldenburg participates as application partner.

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