Testing and certification for medical, in vitro diagnostic and laboratory equipment

UL International Germany GmbH

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UL’s certification services include offerings for product testing and certification, auditing and cybersecurity testing. Certification services include:

  • IECEE CB Scheme
  • UL Mark (US NRTL)
  • C-UL Mark for Canada
  • INMETRO for Brazil

We have accredited medical product testing laboratories around the world, and our reports and accreditations are recognized and accepted globally for comprehensive market access. Our global reach and local presence allow us to deliver innovative, customized solutions to streamline testing and simplify the certification process. We can tailor the testing to your own specifications, as well as offer expert advice to help ensure the most efficient use of your time and budget. Leveraging our expertise during the development process can help you avoid costly errors in the design phase and speed time to market.

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