• Exchange on current topics and with relevant actors and experts in the field of development cooperation
  • Presentation of GHA members’ activities and contributions in the field of development cooperation
  • Identifying the interfaces and potentials in the field of development cooperation for GHA members
  • Formulating the interests and needs of GHA members in the field of development cooperation
  • Stimulation of concrete projects and cooperations in the field of development cooperation
  • Preparation and launch of position papers in the field of development cooperation
  • Sustainable and successful positioning of the GHA – German Health Alliance as a shaping multi-sectoral actor with a focus on development cooperation

Im Rahmen des Prozesses zur Erstellung der neuen Strategie der Bundesregierung zur Globalen Gesundheit übergab Dr. Alois Dörlemann (3. von links), daneben die Koordinatoren der vier weiteren beteiligten Akteursgruppen) am 5. September 2018 das von der GHA – German Health Alliance (seinerzeit: German Healthcare Partnership) koordinierte Positionspapier der Wirtschaft an Ministerialdirektor Ingo Behnel, Leiter der Zentralabteilung, Europa und Internationales vom Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (3. von rechts).

  • 2 Working Group meetings per year
  • Close interaction with the GHA Expert Groups and other GHA Working Groups
  • Visit to relevant organisations
  • Jour fixe of the Working Group Chair(s) with the GHA Board of Directors
  • Working Group Report from the chair(s) at the annual GHA general assembly
  • Establishment and use of a dedicated E-mail distribution list for WG members via GHA website and newsletter function
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Dr Alois Dörlemann

Managing Director
Health Focus GmbH

As part of the process of drawing up the Federal Government’s new strategy on Global Health, Dr Alois Dörlemann (3rd from left), together with the coordinators of the four other stakeholder groups involved) handed over the position paper of industry coordinated by the GHA – German Health Alliance (at that time: German Healthcare Partnership) to Ingo Behnel, Director General of the Central Department, Europe and International Affairs, Federal Ministry of Health (3rd from right) on September 5, 2018.

Dr Silvia Huber

GHA Office Berlin
T: +49 30 2028 1702