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  • Perifix® Kits of B. Braun are composed of selected highquality procedure components which are added to the basic components of each Kit: Perican® needle, Perifix® catheter, Perifix® L.O.R. syringe, Perifix® catheter connector and Perifix® PinPad for fixation of the epidural filter
  • To give anesthetists full flexibility and meet their personal demands the user can choose between Kits with slightly varying procedure components, e.g. L.O.R. syringe with Luer lock or Luer slip or fenestrated or non-fenestrated drapes.
  • Perifix® Kits which have frequently been asked for by customers worldwide have been listed in the table below. If customers don’t find an appropriate Kit according to their habitude, please inquire at B. Braun Melsungen for other Perifix® Kits.

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