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  • B. Braun Space makes it possible to standardize infusion systems throughout an entire hospital and answers the requirements of a variety of therapeutic fields.
  • Each available Space pump can be used for standard applications in basic wards, for advanced infusion therapy in ICU and OR.
  • Each pump can be upgraded with special functions like TCI pump for anesthesia or PCA for post-operative pain treatment.
  • As a result, each Perfusor® or Infusomat® Space can replace several special pumps.
  • B. Braun Space improves availability and simplifies logistical processes.
  • Especially when automatic therapy documentation is required – or is scheduled for the future – it is essential to have standardized data protocols. B. Braun Space makes hospital wide plug-and-play IT integration viable.


  • The small size and low weight (1.2 kg) of the B. Braun Space pumps promotes patient comfort and mobility.
  • Flexible and simple handling thanks to powerful batteries and innovative modular concept.
  • Minimal space requirements in Helicopter, jets and ambulance cars. Certified according to EN 1789 (Mobile Intensive Care Unit) and EN 13718-1 (Air water and difficult terrain ambulances)
  • The Space Station is a compact workstation for up to 24 infusion pumps that offers a complete overview of the medical therapy at a glance and a simple plug-and-play IT/PDMS integration.
  • Increase safety, decrease effort with Space drug library and pre-configured dose rate calculation.
  • TCI function for Propofol (March plasma targeting, Schnider plasma and effect site targeting)and Remifentanil (Minto plasma and effect site targeting)
  • Protect your budget by using Space PCA for both: IV- and regional analgesia
  • With the SpaceStation MRI each Space Pump can even be used in the MRI environment.


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