Combination therapy: IONOSON-DO-Evident


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The IONOSON-Evident combination unit offers all the possibilities of modern electrotherapy and electrodiagnostics as well as ultrasound therapy in one unit.

Two entirely independent channels with individual settings for current, parameters and intensity afford you complete flexibility.

You can treat two different sensitive areas or two patients simultaneously with different currents as well as with additional ultrasound, or of course apply a simultaneous therapy.

The large colour monitor always provides a comprehensive overview of the therapy parameters that are currently in use, including all therapy timers.

Comprehensive information, recommended dosages and application videos can even be viewed during treatment at the press of a single button.


With filtering functions, the relevant treatments can be sorted in the indications menu specifically by body region, therapy form, therapeutic effect, or alphabetically.

‘Potpourris’ may sequence up to five different currents per patient name and even allow saving all the parameters in several channels at once.

The manual release key functions both as a therapy cut-off key (emergency shut-off switch) for the patient and enables the use of intentional exercises.

Two ergonomic and watertight transducers made of biocompatible titanium are available for ultrasound therapy. Continuous or pulsed (4 duty cycles) energy output can be selected. The visual and optional acoustic coupling controls ensure efficient treatment.

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