CPRLilly Pro+ (with Tablet)

3B Scientific GmbH

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Ambulance-Emergencies, Educational-Training-Equipment-Service Solutions

The new Quality CPR training manikin offered by 3B Scientific enables instructors and healthcare providers to measure, monitor and analyze the CPR performance of up to 10 trainees at a time. CPRLilly Pro+ helps instructors increase effectiveness and efficiency in their CPR courses by connecting with the free CPRLilly App on tablet to follow the CPR performance and deliver objective feedback leading to Quality CPR training.

  • Key Training Features:
  • Quality CPR feedback with debriefing history
  • Mouth-to-mouth & mouth-to-nose ventilation
  • Chest rise with proper ventilation
  • Control of proper airway desobstuction
  • Carotid pulses
  • AED pads placement training capable
  • Free App available on google play and iOS
  • Individual review possibility in group training for more efficient training

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