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Today the medical services of armed forces work in close partnership around the globe, pooling and optimising limited resources in conflicts and humanitarian conflicts and in so doing helping to ensure the provision of comprehensive medical care. The larger service will typically help the smaller service, which in turn supports the former to the best of its ability.
Apart from personal contacts developed in the field, there is currently no publicly available general and comprehensive information on the structure and equipment of medical services.

To fill this gap the Beta-Verlag publishing house has set about compiling an overview of all military medical services, thereby providing a forum for these services to present themselves and to exchange facts and information. As a result, mutual understanding will also be enhanced.

The descriptions of the medical services in the almanac are based on information provided by the individual countries with the authorisation of the Surgeons General on the basis of freely available information and personal reports. You can have a permanent look on and you will be informed just in time about changes in the structure.

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