Worldwide Deployment — the Medical Service of the Bundeswehr 2020

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“Weltweit im Einsatz – der Sanitätsdienst der Bundeswehr 2010” recently published by beta Verlag, provides a detailed overview of the tasks and operational status of the Medical Services of the German Bundeswehr and of the current spectrum of medical support being provided in the field.

The reader will find the latest information on the objectives and capabilities of the Bundeswehr Medical Services, on their potential and their need for future development. At a time in which the security situation is in a state of flux and the Medical Services themselves are undergoing extensive structural transformation, this information is of considerable import.

This compilation will not only be of particular interest to members of the Medical Services of the Bundeswehr, but also to members of national and international aid agencies, international medical organisations, political decision makers and commercial enterprises for which information on the future requirements of the Bundeswehr Medical Services will be of value.

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