Espocan® – Combined Spinal / Epidural Anesthesia Set (CSE)

B. Braun SE

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Pencan® spinal needle or Spinocan® spinal needle

  • with sleeve to center the spinal needle inside the  epidural needle
  • tip of the needle exits straight through the back eye

Perican® epidural needle with Tuohy bevel

  • Ø 1.30 x 88mm, G18 x 3½”
  • additional aperture (back eye) in the Tuohy curve to allow straight exit of the spinal needle

Perifix® epidural catheter

  • polyamide, ø 0.85 x 0.45mm, length 100cm
  • clear blue markings completely embedded in the catheter material
  • threading assist guide

Perifix® catheter connector

  • “click and ready” connector
  • Perifix® L.O.R. syringe, 8 ml, latex-free
  • for „Loss of resistance“ method
  • luer slip fitting

Perifix® EF Epidural flat filter, 0.2 μm

  • priming volume 0.45ml
  • pressure resistant up to 7 bar

Perifix® PinPad

  • for fixation of the Perifix® 0.2 μm filter
  • self-adhesive

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