mamivac® suction kits

Kimetec GmbH

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Nursing Products-Breast Pumps

Different types of suction kits for private or clinical use available.

• Free of bisphenol-A
• Easy and safe operation
• Consists of a few parts only – easy cleaning
• Silicone breastshield with a knobbed profile for a pleasant massaging effect
• Accessory kits with different threads and diameters possible
• Variety of different milk and storage bottles
• Protective diaphragm ensures best possible safety for mother and child
• Breast Cup XL available, helps with exceptionally large nipples. Make pumping convenient by choosing the correct tube size


Germ free: The patented protective diaphragm in the suction kit hermetically seals the breastpump and the hose against breast milk, bacteria and germs. This avoids cross contamination between users and the device itself. The protective diaphragm ensures a maintenance-free pump giving mother and child greatest possible safety.

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