mamivac® Breast Compress

Kimetec GmbH

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Health Care-General Supplies, Nursing Products-Breast Pumps

Low-adherent dressing pad for the treatment of sore nipples.

The mamivac breast compress is an individually packed sterile wound dressing that contains no active ingredients.

Its size and shape offer optimal wearing comfort.

The unique surface quality does not stick to the wound and readily absorbes wound secretions and a few drops of milk. In this way, the compress supports and accelerates the natural healing process of the nipples without additional active substances.

Skin irritations or hypersensitivity reactions to nurturing or cooling ingredients in the compress can be excluded.

The compress does not release any cream or gel residues that would need to be removed from the breast prior to breastfeeding, yet the nursing mother can continue to apply her accustomed breast cream.

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