Neonatal Incubator Babyleo for Optimal Thermoregulation

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Neonatal Care Equipment

When it comes to providing care for the most vulnerable patients – those in the NICU – hospitals recognize that neuroprotective interventions aimed at reducing noise, optimising cycled lighting, addressing pain and stress, and most importantly promoting family presence and proximity are critical for hospitalised infants. These interventions have been shown to improve clinical outcomes, cognitive development, and parent and staff satisfaction.

At Dräger, our goal is to help your clinical staff address these challenges. The Dräger Babyleo is the first and only IncuWarmer to offer advanced therapy modes that automate processes and reduce variability of care, while enabling easier workflows. Babyleo supports developmental care practices with tools and features that help protect the baby from excess stimuli, creating a safe and protected environment. Dräger Babyleo TN500 features:

  • Three synchronised heat sources to keep the infant’s temperature stable during open and closed care.
  • Weaning mode to help automate the weaning of patients out of the incubator.
  • Extremely low operating noise level (40dBA), plus in-compartment sound and light monitoring
  • Personalised “Family View” feature to decrease the anxiety parents may feel.
  • “Kangaroo Mode” to bring parents closer to the care process and improves infant outcomes.
  • Improved ergonomics for easy access to the patient.
  • State-of-the-art product design with infection prevention aspects in focus.

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