Seattle PAP plus – Bubble CPAP System

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Neonatal Care Equipment

Helping infants with respiratory distress breathe easier.

Worldwide, almost 1 million infants die each year from respiratory distress. Respiratory muscle exhaustion is a major cause of failure in conventional n-B-CPAP therapy. These failures, which occur in half of babies receiving this therapy, often necessitate endotracheal intubation and mechanical ventilation that carry the risk of tissue damage and inflammation.

The Seattle-PAP plus from Dräger is a viable solution for such complications. The patented Seattle-PAP plus Bubble CPAP System is designed to create continuous positive airway pressure and pressure oscillations. The 135° angle in the submersed tubing increases the amplitude of oscillations, thus providing effects similar to high frequency oscillatory ventilation for improving gas exchange. It offers a more efficient respiratory support compared to other methods of non-invasive respiratory support. These oscillations are thought to lessen the work required from respiratory muscles, therefore making it easier for babies to breathe.

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