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Mobile PROGNOST X-ray tables satisfy the highest demands in positioning flexibility, stability and ver-satility. The product line of mobile tables offers different versions: fixed height or with height adjust-ment or optionally battery-driven elevation which requires no external power suply. A comprehensive range of optional accessories enables superb opportunities of customization and adaptation to individ-ual user requirements.Extreme stability and longevity together with best possible translucency result from the floating table top made of carbon fiber (benefit: Reduced radiation exposure for patients and less wear and tear of X-ray tubes).
Their pleasing design not only provides patient-friendly table height and variability, but also is particu-larly dedicated to universal application with swivel U-arm systems (e. g. the PROTEC PEDS 600) for digital and classic radiography. Sophisticated detector loader models complete the range of options of the XP-series, offering convenient integration of selected DR-detector models.
Following a short overview of our mobile table portfolio, please contact us for detailed information.

Top Features:
• Mobile
• Height adjustable
• Floating table top
• Optional available as battery powered solution

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