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CONAXX 2 is a user-friendly and intuitively operable system for the acquisition of X-ray images. On a touchscreen monitor the software guides you in an efficient way through the complete workflow to the final X-ray image.

The reception of patient data or the acceptance of complete x-ray jobs from your existing, preceding IT environment makes the whole workflow even more convenient. Thus, with three clicks only you will acquire a new x-ray image, ready to diagnose.

Transfer of the acquired X-ray image from CONAXX 2 to the PACS destination (e.g. our PROPAXX medical imaging software) can be automated, while you still have the possibility of initiating several jobs parallely – e.g. sending the image to PACS, generating a patient-CD, or DICOM printing.

The CONAXX 2 Diagnostic Viewer is the ideal supplement (option) for a fully integrated solution – image diagnosis (incl. comprehensive tools) and archiving in one single workstation. Such configuration will make a separate PACS dispensable und you will save further investment for extra software, hardware and maintenance.

CONAXX 2 offers unlimited storage capacity. All connected devices (X-ray generator and tube, CR/DR-modality) perceive continuous status observation in order to reduce potential system error and increase lifetime of involved components – that´s what PROTEC considers an elaborate product and real cost benefit to the user.

In case of having connected the X-ray generator and dose-area-product-meter (DAP) system, the X-ray journal automatically provides comprehensive patient and X-ray image data.

Available language versions: German, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, etc.. Apart from that, any not yet available language version can be easily realised on demand.

TOP 5 product features:

  • Automatic image optimisation
  • Three clicks only to get your x-ray image
  • Image diagnose directly in CONAXX 2 possible (optional, only as single workstation solution)
  • Compatible with any DICOM PACS
  • Extraordinary efficiency saves time and money

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