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RemoteDentalCare is an innovative teleclinic application specifically designed for dentists, providing a previously unavailable telemedicine solution in dentistry. This revolutionary platform enables patients to attend their dental appointments conveniently from home, thanks to seamless integration with an affordable intraoral camera.

With RemoteDentalCare, dentists can conduct their consultations virtually, making it particularly ideal for initial examinations, follow-up appointments, or attending to emergency patients outside of regular office hours, such as on weekends or holidays. The application is renowned for its user-friendly interface and offers a comprehensive solution for telemedicine dental visits, ensuring data security through a certified server.

Additional benefits and features of RemoteDentalCare include:

Features for Dentists:

  • Appointment Management: An intuitive calendar allows dentists to efficiently organize their schedules and invite patients.
  • Patient and File Management: Comprehensive patient management functionality facilitates easy access to relevant patient data and effective file management.
  • Live Actions: Dentists can perform various actions during video consultations, including taking screenshots, recording videos, sharing screen contents, and sending documents such as prescriptions, cost estimates, or consent forms directly to patients.

Features for Patients:

  • Intelligent Doctor Assignment: Through AI-generated and symptom-related anamnesis questions, patients can find the right healthcare provider that meets their individual needs.
  • Online Appointment Booking: Patients can easily schedule appointments online without the need to visit the practice in person.
  • Video Consultation: The option to conduct video consultations provides patients with a flexible and convenient alternative to traditional office visits.
  • Inviting Additional Participants: Patients can invite additional individuals to their virtual dental visits as needed, particularly beneficial for the care of minors or patients requiring assistance.

RemoteDentalCare is reshaping the future of dentistry by providing dentists and their patients with a modern and efficient way to conduct dental appointments that meets the demands for flexibility, convenience, and safety.

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