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For decades, SEIRIN Japan’s high-quality type B acupuncture needles have been the world’s leading disposable needles. The ergonomically optimized and precisely centered handle ensures safe and convenient use. Measuring 0,20x 15 mm, the handle is made of extremely lightweight, skin- and environmentally-friendly polypropylene plastic. The needle itself is precisely manufactured of special stainless steel. At the tip, it is filed to diamond sharpness, polished three times and has an extremely thin coating, making insertion particularly easy for the therapist and practically painless for the patient.

SEIRIN® type B needles are available in 5 different gauges and lengths so the therapist can choose the right needle for different body sizes and areas. The handles are color coded to ensure ease of use. One box contains 100 needles of one size.

Always on the safe side: SEIRIN® type B acupuncture needles are subjected to 8 stringent quality controls during manufacturing. They are electrolyte-cleaned, sterilized with EO gas and useable for at least 3 years – guaranteed.

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