Simulated Patient Monitor – REALITi Go

3B Scientific GmbH

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Ambulance-Emergencies, Educational-Training-Equipment-Service Solutions, Patient Monitoring Systems

The simulated patient monitor REALITi Go gives instructors a great tool for training and students an incredibly realistic platform to learn from, built off technology you use every day.

With REALITi Go, users receive 5 generic patient monitor screens plus a ventilator simulator so you can provide training to prepare students and course participants for emergencies in hospital and in pre-hospital settings. You can also add additional, branded monitors to prepare your students in EMS, medical or nursing undergraduate environment for the multiple monitor types they are likely to encounter during their careers.

REALITi Go is portable and ideal for scenario-based simulation in clinics and hospitals, skills labs, ambulances, rescue vehicles and all other “pre-hospital” training.

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