Amadeo C systems

Oehm und Rehbein GmbH

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Imaging Equipment, PACS-Communication Systems-Telemedicine, Radiology Equipment-Devices

Digital, motorised X-ray system with best auto-positioning technology, ceiling mount, height-adjustable patient positioning table and Bucky wall stand

Due to the special ease of movement, supported by auto-tracking and APR positioning, the ceiling mount can be moved quickly, efficiently and effortlessly to the desired position (pre-programmable). The Amadeo C X-ray system can be optimally adjusted to various spatial circumstances. The height-adjustable four-way floating table top with motorised vertical lift is the ideal support for all routine examinations. Thanks to the high load-bearing capacity paired with the large sensetive area, obese and large patients can be examined without repositioning. The wall stand can be set up free-standing and is equipped with an electromagnetic brake. The entire torso can be examined thanks to the large travel range of the Bucky diaphragm.

The dicomPACS®DX-R operating console controls the entire X-ray system: from operating the X-ray generator to the finished superb quality image for diagnostic evaluation. All necessary settings are keyed into a single control panel. In addition, the integrated multimedia X-ray positioning guide offers advice on the correct adjustment technique and the positioning of the patient.

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