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The compact Amadeo Z motorised offers a number of advanced design innovations that optimise workflow and make the entire X-ray process more efficient for staff and more relaxed for patients. All this makes it an excellent option for all radiology issues.

The fully motorised swing-arm X-ray system is perfect for all adjustment techniques as well as automated whole spine and whole leg imaging (stitching). Images of the patient can be taken sitting, standing or lying down. The digital X-ray system is fully motorised. The arm swivels fully automatically over a range of motion of 150 ̊, rotates around the patient and thus facilitates the entire procedure enormously. The Z-arm also allows lateral exposures to be taken of the patient lying down, as the table can be placed transversely to the detector.

Five electric motors allow effortless and accurate positioning of the stand. The system is operated in seconds via an intuitive 10” touchscreen or the included remote control.

All necessary unit positions can be predefined on the 60 available programme slots. The information is called up immediately and causes the system to move to a predefined position for the optimal source-to-image distance (SID). This saves time in positioning the patient. A modern collimator uses a laser beam with light field display and provides manual control to optimise patient positioning.

The advanced CsI detector with removable grid and the X-ray software work perfectly together to capture a high quality image. Thanks to asynchronous shifting of the bucky tray and tube, the system maintains alignment between the X-ray tube and detector, regardless of the angle of the detector drawer or the swivel arm tilt position. A robust, protective panel housing also contributes to the longevity and stability of the system. Directly on the bucky tray are all the operating buttons for control.

After the image is taken, it is captured and displayed on the screen within three seconds.

The release starts an automatic preparation for the next examination, minimising the time between patients.

The unit is ideal for sites that want to offer high-quality X-ray in a relatively small space and low ceiling heights.

Intelligent collision sensors guarantee patient protection by interrupting the movement in case of possible patient contact or contact with objects in the X-ray room.

Would you like to find out more about the Amadeo Z motorised? Then take a look at our new product video, right here.

For further features and technical details, please see the product information.

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